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Document No: 1309.2512.1045.RHOO

Configuring a Public Spot scenario with the LANCOM Setup Wizard

This document describes how to use the LANCOM Setup Wizard to configure a simple Public Spot scenario.



This document describes the configuration of the following scenario:
  • A hotel is to provide a free Public Spot wireless LAN for its guests.
  • The Public Spot WLAN is to be configured to have its own IP address range of and to be separated from the in-house LAN so that only Internet access is possible.
  • Hotel guests should be able to login to the Public Spot wireless LAN with the user data supplied to them by the hotel.


1) Configuring the guest WLAN on the LANCOM Public Spot Wizard:

1.1) Launch the Setup Wizard in LANconfig and select the option Public Spot setup.

1.2) In the next dialog, select the option Configure a logical WLAN network now.

1.3) In the following dialog, select which logical WLAN interface the guest WLAN network is to operate on.

In this example we use the logical WLAN interface
WLAN-1-2, because the first logical WLAN interface WLAN-1 is the WLAN for the employees. In the SSID box, enter a name for the guest WLAN.

1.4) In the next dialog, enter an IP address for the new guest WLAN. For the netmask we use the address


    If you are configuring this scenario on a LANCOM access point, or your LANCOM WLAN router is not the router that connects to the Internet (Internet gateway), then on the upstream router you additionally need to configure a return route to the guest WLAN (in this case:

    If you do not enter a return route on the upstream router, no Public Spot login page will appear and WLAN Internet access for guests will not work.

1.5) With the LANCOM Smart Ticket function the user data is created automatically and, after the user time budget has expired, the data is also deleted from the system automatically, so for this example there is no need to configure a Public Spot administrator.

If you wish to do so anyway, then enable the option and assign access credentials accordingly.

1.6) Select the method to be used for user login. We recommend the use of the HTTPS method for security reasons.

1.7) Click on Finish to close the Wizard and write the configuration back to the LANCOM router or access point.

1.8) After writing the configuration back to the device, the Public Spot function is ready to use.

Use your mobile device to connect to the guest WLAN (in this case the network SSID GUEST). If you are connected with the WLAN and you launch a Web browser, the sign-in page of the Public Spot appears.

2) Creating a Public Spot user

2.1) Use WEBconfig to open the configuration of the LANCOM router or access point, go to the menu Setup Wizards and select the option Create Public Spot Account.

2.2) Enter the various access parameters.

    The fields Time budget and Volume budget are used to set up individual time and/or volume budgets for the users of the LANCOM Public Spot. Information about the configuration is available in the following Knowledgebase article Database 'SP Knowledgebase', View '03. Edit Documents\by Responsible, Status', Document 'Einrichtung von Zeit- oder Volumen-Budgets für LANCOM Public-Spot-Benutzer'.

2.3) Click the button Create and print to complete the process.

2.4) A page containing the generated access credentials is displayed. You can print out this page and hand it to the Public Spot user.