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Document No: 1310.0909.3012.RHOO

LANCOM Public Spot: Login simply by accepting the general terms & conditions

As of LCOS version 8.82, it is possible to login to the LANCOM Public Spot simply by confirming the general terms & conditions. To facilitate this, the general terms & conditions must be a part of the Welcome page.

In this simplified login procedure, a user is created automatically in the user list under Configuration -> RADIUS Server -> General -> User table.



1) In LANconfig, right-click on the LANCOM router or access point and select the menu item Configuration management -> Upload a certificate or file...

2) Set the File type to All files and set the Certificate type to Public Spot - Welcome Page.

3) Select the path to your HTML template with the general terms & conditions, and then click Open.

    This example uses a template file. Information on creating your own Public Spot templates is available in the following Knowledgebase article Database 'SP Knowledgebase', View '03. Edit Documents\by Responsible, Status', Document 'Implementing own Web sites for the LANCOM Public Spot Option'.


4) The successful upload of the HTML file is displayed as a message in the LANconfig log window.

5) Open the configuration for the LANCOM router or access point and switch to the menu item Configuration -> Public Spot -> Authentication.

6) Select the No authentication needed option. In the section Login via agreement you can optionally make additional adjustments.

7) Navigate to the menu Configuration -> Public Spot -> Server -> Settings... -> Page table -> Welcome....

8) For the Page address (URL) enter the value file://pbspot_template_welcome.

9) Close the configuration with OK and write the changes back to the LANCOM router or access point.

Function check:

1) Connect a WLAN client to the LANCOM Public Spot.

2) On the WLAN client, start a Web browser and enter any URL (e.g.

3) The page with the general terms & conditions is displayed. Scroll down to the bottom of the Web page and click Accept & login.

4) A message is displayed to indicate that the login was successful. You can now use the Internet for the specified time period.

      The default time limit is 1 hour. To change this, go to the menu Configuration -> Public Spot -> Wizard -> User template-> Relative expiry. There you can change the default value of 3600 seconds to the value you require.