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Document No: 1310.0810.4155.RHOO

LANCOM Public Spot: Configuring automatic re-login

Usually, a user wishing to connect to the Public Spot has to login to an appropriate Internet page as supplied by the Public Spot. This can be an inconvenience, in particular for modern devices, which automatically login to a known wireless LAN, connect to the Internet and retrieve information by themselves.

The LANCOM Public Spot provides an automatic re-login function, which stores the access credentials and the MAC address of each authenticated Public Spot user. If one of these MAC addresses is detected again at a later date, the user is logged-in automatically. The user is thus immediately on the Internet and does not need to reopen a browser to login to the Public Spot.
    Please note that auto re-login relies exclusively on the detection of the MAC address. It is relatively easy for unauthorized persons to read-out and abuse this information (sniffing of MAC addresses -> session/account hijacking). We do not recommend using this function for Public Spots that users are charged for.



1) Open the configuration for the LANCOM router or access point in LANconfig and switch to the menu item Configuration -> Public Spot -> Users.

2) Enable the option Allow automatic re-login.

3) In the fields Table limit and Validity time you can configure the values to suit your needs:
    Table limit:
    This value sets the upper limit for the number of stations that can login simultaneously. The valid range is from 16 up to 65536. The default value is 8192.

    Validity time:
    This value specifies how long a station is kept in the internal 'Automatic re-login table' of the device. The station is deleted when this time expires. At the next login, the user must authenticate again with their user name and password. The default setting is 259200 seconds (three days).