LANCOM Support Knowledgebase Document No. 1809.0512.3320.RHOO - V3.20

LCOS 9.00 RU7: Configuration option for handling incoming UDP packets on SIP lines


In the LCOS version 9.00 RU7, the configuration of SIP provider lines and SIP PBX lines created the option of selectively treating the incoming UDP packets on the interfaces LAN, VPN or WAN.

The LCOS version 9.00 RU7 is available for the following LANCOM devices:

As of LCOS version 10.00, this feature is available for all compatible LANCOM VoIP routers.


The function can be configured after the firmware update via WEBconfig in the following dialogs:
  • LCOS menu tree -> Setup -> Voice-Call-Manager -> Line -> SIP-Provider -> Line -> <Name of line>

  • LCOS menu tree -> Setup -> Voice-Call-Manager -> Line -> SIP-PBX -> PBX -> <Name of line>

  • If the provider line uses UDP to communicate with the registrar, it receives UDP packets on the desired local port. With this setting you specify the network context in which a UDP packet is accepted.

    The device only accepts a packet from the WAN / VPN / LAN if you have activated the corresponding setting. Otherwise the packet is dropped.
    By default, this feature is configured to the LAN, VPN, and WAN values.

Alternatively, the function can be configured in the command line:
  • LCOS path for SIP-Provider Line: /Setup/Voice-Call-Manager/Line/SIP-Provider/Line/<Name of line>