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LCOS as of version 10.12 Rel: The paths “Public Spot” and “Certification Authority (CA)” are always visible


Starting with LCOS version 10.12 Rel., the LCOS paths and menus for the Public Spot function and for the Certification Authority (CA) are displayed on compatible devices even though the devices are not equipped with an activated Public Spot option, VPN-25 option, or WLC Basic Option for Routers (for the Certification Authority) (see the following figure).

However, the functions are deactivated until the corresponding options are activated on the device.

Characteristics of the LANCOM Public Spot option:
  • As long as a compatible device is paired with the LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC) even without the Public Spot Option being enabled, the Public Spot feature operates without restrictions.
    If the device remains disconnected from the LMC for a period of 10 days, the Public Spot option automatically deactivates and remains disabled until the device is either paired with the LMC again or a Public Spot option is activated on it.

    IMPORTANT: To use the hotspot functionality, a managed router configured as gateway is required in the LMC!!

  • With the LANCOM vRouter, the Public Spot option as of LCOS version 10.12 Rel. is permanently enabled and can be used without restriction. The number of users is limited by the purchased license level and ranges from 128 simultaneous Public Spot users (vRouter 50) to an unlimited number of clients (vRouter Unlimited).

Menus in LANconfig:

Paths in the LCOS menu tree “Setup”:

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