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LANCAPI: How do I generate a LANCAPI trace?


Using a trace to analyze problems with LANCAPI



You use the LANCAPI to send or receive fax messages or to dial-in to a remote network. The LANCAPI is dialing incomplete telephone numbers or is reporting errors. You can isolate the problem with the aid of a LANCAPI trace.


Please do always use the LANcapi version 8 for recording a trace!!

1) When the LANCAPI is running, an icon is displayed in the Windows task bar.

2) Right-click with the mouse on this icon and select Properties.

3) In the Properties dialog, navigate to the Advanced tab.

4) Enable the LANCAPI trace options as shown in the illustration above. All LANCAPI activities are then written to the specified file.

5) Click on OK. The changes only come into effect after the system has been restarted.

6) Reboot your system and reproduce the error scenario.

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