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Purchasing the crimp set for self-assembled Ethernet cables for LANCOM outdoor access points


A special crimp set enables you to assemble Ethernet cables that are longer than the standard 15m cable supplied with LANCOM outdoor access points. It contains a special waterproof screw-plug that fits to the device and an RJ-45 screw connector for attachment to an outdoor-compatible cable.

The crimp set can be purchased from the online shop of our service provider aixTeMa.

The crimp sets are available for the following LANCOM outdoor access points:

Crimp Set 1

Suitable for:
  • LANCOM OAP-321
  • LANCOM OAP-321-3G
  • LANCOM OAP-54-1 Wireless
  • LANCOM OAC-54-1 Wireless

Order from aixtema by contact.

Crimp Set 1

Suitable for:
  • LANCOM OAP-54 Wireless
  • LANCOM OAP-310agn
  • LANCOM OAP-382

Order from the aixTeMa Online Shop

For further inquiries, please contact the company aixTeMa at the following address:

aixTeMa GmbH

Philipsstr. 8
52068 Aachen, Germany

Phone: +49 241 / 7 05 15 - 0
Fax: +49 241 / 7 05 15 - 15

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