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Setting up an automatic configuration backup for a LANCOM R&SŪ Unified Firewall


This document describes how to set up an automatic configuration backup (auto-backup) on a LANCOM R&SŪ Unified Firewall.

  • Any web browser for access to the web interface of the Unified Firewall


In this example, the configuration of the Unified Firewall is to be automatically stored twice a day (at 07:00 and 19:00) to a local network Linux server.

1) Open the user interface of the Unified Firewall with administrator rights.

2) Switch to the menu Firewall -> Backup -> Auto backup.

3) Enter the following data into the Auto backup dialog:
  • Server address: Enter the IP address of the server where the configuration data are to be stored.

    In this example, this is a local IP address (that of the local Linux server), but it can also be a public IP address (e.g. for an external FTP server).
  • User name: Enter the user name required to access the server.

    In this example, we use the account with the user name “linuxuser”. As a result, the backup files will be
    stored in this user’s home directory (e.g. /home/linuxuser).
  • Password: Enter the password required to access the server.
  • Server type: You can choose whether to send the backup files to the server via FTP or via the SCP protocol.

    This example uses the
    encrypted secure copy protocol (SCP).

    You can check these settings with the Test server settings button.

  • File name: Enter a descriptive name.
  • Encryption password: Enter a password to be used to encrypt the backup file.
  • Options: In this example a maximum of 20 backup files should be created and, when that number is reached, the first file created should be overwritten by the 21st file.

    If you wish to
    create an unlimited number of backup files, select the option “Append current date to file name”.
  • Schedule: Set the date when the auto-backup should be started and enter a corresponding interval.

4) Click on the Save button to accept your settings.

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