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LCOS as of version 10.20 RU2: Activate the VLAN module via WEBconfig


In order to obtain a functioning initial VLAN configuration, in addition to switching on the VLAN module, it is also necessary to adapt the VLAN ID of the management IP network (normally "INTRANET") - usually to VLAN ID 1, the default VLAN module in the VLAN module is the port VLAN ID.

These steps must be performed together and were only possible up to LCOS version 10.20 RU1 via LANconfig.

This document describes how to enable the VLAN module with all the necessary automatic configuration steps in WEBconfig.

  • LCOS as of version 10.20 RU2 (download)


1. Open the configuration of the LANCOM router in Webconfig.

2. Switch to the menu Extras -> Activate VLAN Module.

3. Click the Execute button.

The VLAN module is then activated in one step and all IPV4 or IPv6 networks are adapted accordingly to ensure that the device can be reached while the VLAN module is active.

4. Now configure the required VLAN(s) in the menu Configuration -> Interfaces -> VLAN.

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