LANCOM Support Knowledgebase Document No. 1812.1015.1426.MMÜL - V1.30

Connecting a device to the LANCOM Management Cloud with the LMC Rollout Wizard

This document describes how to integrate an access point or router into the LANCOM Management Cloud via the Rollout Wizard.

  • LCOS as of version 10.20 RU1 (download)
  • LANCOM Management Cloud


1. Open the configuration of the device that is to be integrated in the LMC in WEBconfig and execute the function Setup-Wizards -> Rollout.
    For inventory configurations, the Rollout Wizard may be disabled. This must then be activated in the LCOS Menu Tree -> Setup -> HTTP -> Rollout Wizard menu by setting the parameter Operational to Yes.

2. The Management-System "LANCOM Management Cloud (LMC)" is preselected. Confirm the entry with the Next button.

3. Enter the LMC domain to which the device should connect. If you connect to the LANCOM Public Cloud, this is always

4. The Rollout Wizard uses a ping (ICMP Request) to check the availability of the LANCOM Management Cloud.
    If the LMC can not be reached via a ping, the rollout assistant can still be continued via the button Next.

5. The next dialog will show the connection status of the device to the LMC. The device is not yet connected to the LMC.

6. To connect the device to the LMC, the activation code must be entered in the next dialog.

  • Info:
    You can create an activation code for a device in the LMC under Devices -> Activation Codes.

    7. Enter a project name or project number.

    8. Enter a location name.

    9. The following dialog can be confirmed with Next as the LMC automatically selects the functions of the device.

    10. In some cases it may be useful to set the functions of the device manually. The information is available from your project administrator.

    11. The assigned parameters are displayed in an overview. By clicking on the Next button, the parameters are transferred to the LMC.

    12. Finally, the connection status to the LMC is displayed. This can take up to 60 seconds.

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