LANCOM Support Knowledgebase Document No. 1807.3009.3913.RHOO - V1.80

LCOS version 10.20 and later: Compatibility of Apple mobile clients (iPhone, iPad) with WPA2/WPA3 compatibility mode


As of LCOS version 10.20, the new Wi-Fi security standard WPA3 has been integrated. This can be configured to operate exclusively (WPA3 only) or in WPA2/WPA3 compatibility mode.

The WPA2/WPA3 compatibility mode only operates WPA3 if the security standard is supported by the client too. If the client does not support WPA3, then the security standard WPA2 is used instead.

Due to a lack of compatibility in the iOS operating system, Apple mobile clients (iPhone and iPad) currently cannot (as of August 2018) connect to a WLAN if the WPA2/WPA3 compatibility mode is enabled.

This should change with a future version of iOS. For this reason we recommend that you do not use WPA3 or the WPA2/WPA3 compatibility mode if Apple mobile clients require access to the Wi-Fi.

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