LANCOM Support Knowledgebase Document No. 1811.2116.1524.RHOO - V1.10

Configuring a PPTP connection between a LANCOM Router and a Windows client


This document describes how to set up a purely PPTP connection between a LANCOM Router and a Windows client.

Note that the data on this VPN PPTP connection can be provided with an MPPE encryption, since the MPPE encryption is, however, a maximum of 128 bits, it can not be considered as safe anymore !!

  • LCOS as of version 9 (download)
  • LANtools as of version 9 (download)
  • This document assumes that the basic configuration of the router has already been carried out (Internet access, dyndns, etc.).

1. Configuring the LANCOM Router:

1.1 Create an entry in the PPTP list in the menu Configuration -> Communication -> Remote Sites -> PPTP.

1.2 Assign the name of the remote site. The IP address remains at because the external IP address of the PPTP client is not known. Configure a short hold time of 0 seconds to keep the connection alive.

1.3 Then add an entry in the PPP list:

1.4 The remote corresponds to the user you enter later in the Windows client (see below).

As the authentication protocol for the authentication of the remote, you select, for example, CHAP, as the password is encrypted here.

1.5 In the IPv4 -> Addresses menu, specify the appropriate IP address pool.

1.6 In the IP Router -> General menu, set the check box Use Proxy ARP to tie remote ststions into the LAN.

2. Configuring the Windows PPTP client:
2.1 On Windows, start the Network and Sharing Center, and select the Set New Connection or New Network option.

2.2 For the network connection type, select Connect to My Computer.

2.3 If you already have an Internet connection, you do not need an initial connection.

2.4 Enter the public IP address or FQDN of the remote gateway here.

2.5 Type the user name and password, and then click Connect to initiate the PPTP tunnel.

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