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Configuring calling-number suppression for outgoing calls to selected numbers


The LANCOM Voice Call Manager allows calling-number suppression to be performed globally for each ISDN or analog user.

In some scenarios, you may want to use phone number suppression for selected outgoing calls.

Possible scenarios are:
  • Scenario 1:

    outgoing calls the phone number should be suppressed globally and only when calling certain destination numbers should the number NOT be suppressed.
  • Scenario 2:

    outgoing calls the phone number should NOT be suppressed globally and only when calling specific destination numbers should the phone number be suppressed.

To implement this, changes are required to the configuration of entries in the call-routing table.



1) Open the Voice Call Manager and switch to the Call routing table.

2) Open the call routing entry with the number for which you want to activate number suppression.

3) In this example, number suppression is required when calling the destination number 02405/123456 (scenario 2).
  • In the Calling number field, select the option EMPTY.
  • It is essential that you make an entry in the Filters field Calling number. The wildcard character # is sufficient.

4) Save the call route and write the configuration back to the device. This concludes the configuration.

    To implement scenario 1, you need to modify step 3 of the configuration described above and create a new call-routing entry for each destination number for which calling number suppression is not required.
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