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List of the error codes generated by the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server


This document contains a list of the error codes generated by the Wireless ePaper Server and gives instructions for correcting the error.

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Error codeProblemSolution
Label not licensedThe label is not licensed. Import the proper license file for the label or check for typos in the label id.
Label not registeredThe label may have been deleted or has never been registered at all. Register label.
Image does not match display sizeThe size of the image does not match the label’s display size. Please check the width and height of your image and look up the display size in pixels for the label. These sizes have to be equal.
Error during image renderingCheck template (wrong or faulty)
Error during image conversionChange format of the image to standard format (e.g. PNG or BMP)
Invalid pagePage not supported by label type, choose a different page
Could not process task because there are unfinished tasks waiting for this labelAbort task or wait until unfinished tasks are finished
Template not foundCheck template directory for missing template file
Error during template parsingCorrect template file (Invalid content found)
Error during content document creationCheck server and article record configuration
Could not send update because label has insufficient power to perform the updateThe power status of the label is “Bad”, which means it is very low on battery that in may not accomplish the display update. Replace the battery of the label.
Transmitter communication failure Automatic resend of affected task(s)
Update lost during processing on the access pointCheck access point and network
HTTP communication error with the access pointThe server was not able to send the task to the Access Point. Please make sure that the Access Point is not offline (System -> Access Point Status) and there is an established network connection between Access Point and Server.
Label authentication failed (wrong encryption key)Unlock the label
Task was removed from pipeline because previous transmission was not finished in timeAutomatic resend of affected task(s)
Error while writing task to databaseCheck database connection
Task type not supportedUpgrade AP software to process this kind of task
Unknown errorCheck server log file

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