LANCOM Support Knowledgebase Document No. 1902.2011.1449.RHOO - V1.00

Firmware upload failure and / or router not accessible anymore


How can I still access my LANCOM router after a broken off firmware upload or non availability in the local are network ?


Please connect the router to a serial port and start a terminal program (e.g. Hyperterminal, ZOC, Telix or the like) using the following interface parameters: 115200bps, 8n1, hardware handshake (RTS/CTS).

1. alternative:

Switch off the router and hold down the <return> button until another restart is completed. The following message should turn up:

Now the firmware-Upload can be carried out again (transmission -> send file -> X-Modem).

2. alternative:

Switch off the router and dismantle the faceplate. Leftmost you see the red Power-LED and the green Status-S0-LED. Right beside it a small caliper is located. Hold it pressed and switch the router with pressed caliper (!) on.

After 5 seconds (Power-LED lightens up) you can release the caliper. The upper description is not valid for devices where the reset button is located at the backside.

In the terminal-window you should now see the following message:

Thereafter you start the transmission (send, upload) of the firmware-file with the transmission protocol X-Modem.
After successful upload the router should work again soundly.

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