LANCOM Support Knowledgebase Document No. 1205.1610.3301.RHOO - V1.70

Configuring a virtual serial COM-port client

This document describes the steps required to configure the virtual serial COM-port client Eterlogic VSPE.

  • A LANCOM router with serial interface
  • Emulation software Eterlogic VSPE


1) In the Device menu select the item Create.

2) For the Device type select the option Pair and click on Next.

3) Now create the virtual serial ports and click on Finish.

4) The VSPE home screen now displays the configured steps and the Status.

5) In the Device menu select the item Create again.

6) For the Device Type select TcpClient and then click Next.

7) In the following window enter the remote IP, the source serial port and the TCP port,which were configured earlier in your LANCOM. Finally, click on Finish.

8) The VSPE home screen now additionally displays the configured TCP client and the Status.

Catchwords: Eterlogic VSPE; COM-port client; serial; virtual
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