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LANCOM VPN Option: How many different VPN connections can be configured, and how many operate simultaneously

This document explains how many VPN connections (site-to-site connectivity and dial-in connections) can be configured and simultaneously operated with the different LANCOM routers. Dial-in connections require a VPN client program (such as the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client).

As of LCOS version 7.60 there is no limit on the number of VPN connections that can be configured.

Further information on the VPN Option is available from our web site. The optional VPN licenses can be purchased as a separate product.
These are activated on the LANCOM router and remain bound to the device (also see Database 'SP Knowledgebase', View '03. Edit Documents\by Responsible, Status', Document 'Registering and activating a software option for a LANCOM router').

VPN license:Simultaneous VPN connectionsRemarks:Devices:
VPN-55Ex-factoryLANCOM 1611+, LANCOM 1681V, LANCOM 17xx, LANCOM 18xx, LANCOM 3850 UMTS, OAP-3G, OAP-321-3G, IAP-3G, IAP-321-3G
VPN-2525OptionalLANCOM 1611+, LANCOM 1681V, LANCOM 17xx, LANCOM 18xx, LANCOM 3850 UMTS, OAP-54 Wireless, OAP-3G, OAP-321-3G, IAP-3G, IAP-321-3G
VPN-2525Ex-factoryLANCOM 190x-Series
VPN-5050optionalLANCOM 190x-Series
VPN-100100Ex-factoryLANCOM 7100 VPN, LANCOM 7100+ VPN
VPN-200200OptionalLANCOM 7100 VPN, LANCOM 7100+ VPN
VPN-200200Ex-factoryLANCOM 9100 VPN, LANCOM 9100+ VPN
VPN-500500OptionalLANCOM 9100 VPN, LANCOM 9100+ VPN
VPN-10001000Optional LANCOM 9100 VPN, LANCOM 9100+ VPN

LANCOM 1631E, T-Business LAN R1011 and T-Business LAN R800+:

These devices are equipped ex-factory with a VPN-3 license. This supports 3 simultaneous VPN connections. An upgrade to more VPN connections is not available.

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