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Configuring the Public Spot login by accepting the Terms of Use and submitting the user's e-mail address


This document describes how to configure a Public Spot login, where users must accept the Terms of Use and submit their e-mail address.

Please observe applicable data protection regulations when collecting user data!



1) Upload the template to the LANCOM router:

1.1) In LANconfig, right-click on the LANCOM router or access point and select the menu item Configuration management -> Upload a certificate or file....

1.2) Set the File type to All files and set the Certificate type to Public Spot - Welcome Page.

1.3) Set the path to the template and then click Open.

1.4) The successful upload of the HTML file is displayed as a message in the LANconfig log window.

1.5) Open the configuration for the LANCOM router or access point and switch to the menu item Public Spot -> Authentication.

1.6) Select the No authentication needed option.

1.7) In the Login after agreement section, select the option Query user e-mail address and specify an e-mail address where the list of users' e-mail addresses is to be sent. By default, the list is sent once every 24 hours.

    The LANCOM router needs to be configured to send e-mails (see Database 'SP Knowledgebase', View '03. Edit Documents\by Responsible, Status', Document 'Sending encrypted e-mails (SSL/STARTTLS) from LANCOM routers').

1.8) Navigate to the menu Public Spot -> Server -> Page table -> Welcome....

1.9) For the Page address (URL) enter the value file://pbspot_template_welcome.

1.10) Close the configuration with OK and write the changes back to the LANCOM router or access point.

2) Function check:

2.1) Connect a WLAN client to the LANCOM Public Spot.

2.2) On the WLAN client, start a Web browser and enter any URL (e.g.

2.3) The modified Welcome page is displayed:
  • Enter an e-mail address into the text field.
  • Enable the option Accept the Terms of Use.
  • Click on Accept and you will be connected to the Public Spot network.

As operator of the Public Spot you will receive an e-mail with all of the users who logged in to the Public Spot over the last 24 hours. The list is also attached to the e-mail as a *.csv file.

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