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Updating the LANCOM vRouter as of LCOS version 10.20


From LCOS version 10.20 onwards, updating the firmware for the vRouter is no longer performed by replacing an ISO file (see Database 'SP Knowledgebase', View '03. Edit Documents\by Responsible, Status', Document 'LANCOM vRouter up to version 10.12: How to update the firmware'). Instead this is done by importing a *.upx file, as is the case with LANCOM routers, access points and WLAN controllers.

This document describes the steps required to upgrade an existing LANCOM vRouter installation to LCOS version 10.20 or later.


  • Installed and licensed LANCOM vRouter version 10.12 or earlier


Since vRouter installations of version 10.12 or earlier do not support the new update mechanism, you need to carry out a complete re-installation of the vRouter featuring version 10.20 or later.

1) Carry out a data backup:

1.1) Save the configuration file of the LANCOM vRouter by means of LANconfig in the file format *.lcf and/or as a script file in the file format *.lcs.

1.2) Save the certificates that are stored on the LANCOM vRouter. Instructions are available in the LANCOM Reference Manual.

2) Re-installing the LANCOM vRouter as of LCOS version 10.20:

2.1) Re-install the LANCOM vRouter. You will find the appropriate OVA file in the download area of the LANCOM website.

Installation instructions are available in this PDF document.

2.2) Uninstall your previous LANCOM vRouter installation so that you can re-register your license (see step 3).

3) Licensing the new vRouter installation:

The previous registration data are not suitable for re-activating the newly installed LANCOM vRouter.
For this reason, your vRouter license needs to be activated by the LANCOM Service in order to conduct a re-registration.

3.1) Please contact the LANCOM Service by e-mail ( or by phone under +49 2405 499 36 - 210 (Mondays to Fridays from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (CET)).

3.2) Inform the LANCOM Service of the license key for your LANCOM vRouter license.

3.3) LANCOM Service will then activate the license for re-registration.

3.4) Register the new vRouter installation using the form on the LANCOM website.

3.5 Activate the new installation using the activation key provided in the form.

4) Restore the backup:

4.1) Transfer the configuration of the LANCOM vRouter saved in step 1 to the new installation.

4.2) Transfer the backed-up certificates to the new LANCOM vRouter installation. Instructions are available in the LANCOM Reference Manual.

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