LANCOM Support Knowledgebase Document No. 1804.2609.1235.RHOO - V1.60

LANCOM WLAN-Controller: What should be considered if an IP parameter profile is to be automatically assigned to an access point?


In the configuration of a LANCOM WLAN controller, you can define in the menu WLAN Controller -> AP Configuration -> IP Parameter Profiles for Access Points that they do not receive an IP address via DHCP, but from an IP address pool defined in the profile.

For information about the IP parameter profiles, refer to the LANCOM Reference Manual.

You can assign the created IP parameter profile to a device (or a default entry) in the access point table (WLAN Controller -> AP Configuration -> Access Point Table).

However, the IP parameter profile is only used if there is a corresponding entry in the menu (WLAN Controller -> AP Configuration -> Assignment Group).

If the entry in the assignment groups is missing, an access point receives an IP address from the DHCP server and the defined IP address pool is ignored.

For more information about the assignment groups, see the LANCOM Reference Manual.

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