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LCOS version 10.20 and later: Public Spot user list deprecated


Up until LCOS version LCOS 10.12 Public Spot user accounts could be created in a user list in the Public Spot configuration as well as in the internal RADIUS server.

From LCOS version 10.20, the user list in the menu Public Spot -> Users has been deprecated.

Since LCOS 7.70, the preferred way to configure Public Spot users is to use the internal RADIUS server, so this “legacy” user list is no longer required.

  • If there are still entries in the user list at the time of the upgrade to LCOS 10.20, they will be automatically converted to RADIUS users. These converted user accounts can be identified as such by an entry in the comment field (e.g. “moved by root”).
  • An entry of the same name that already exists in the RADIUS user table will be overwritten.

Catchwords: public spot; hotspot; users; accounts; data; list
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