LANCOM Support Knowledgebase Document No. 1204.0314.2753.RHOO - V1.50

Wake-on-LAN with LANCOM routers


This document describes how to start a PC on your local network via Wake-On-LAN.

  • Telnet- or SSH-Client, e.g. PuTTY.
  • For the execution of the batch script the tool PLINK is required.
  • Any desired text editor to edit the batch script.
  • Wake-on-LAN must be supported by the network card and the mainboard of the computer to be woken up.
  • You are located within the LAN or you are connected via VPN to the LAN that contains the computer to be woken up.


Option 1:

1. Dial in to your LANCOM router via a SSH client.

2. Enter the following command: wakeup [MAC address of the computer]
    You can also use the command
    wakeup -? to display help for the command wakeup.

Option 2:

The login to the router as well as the execution of the WoL command can be automated via a batch script.


1. Dial in to your LANCOM router via PuTTY once to ensure that the SSH-Key is entered into the registry.

2. Open the attached batch script WakeOnLAN.bat with any desired text editor.

3. Adjust the following parameters:

  • set PLINK="C:\Program Files\PuTTY\plink.exe" --> Installation path to the tool PLINK
  • set LCMS_TARGET=root@w.x.y.z --> IP-Adress of the router
  • set LCMS_TARGET_PASS=Passwort --> root password of the router
  • %PLINK% %LCMS_TARGET% -batch -pw %LCMS_TARGET_PASS% wakeup 00a057123456 --> MAC adress of the computer to be woken up

4. Execute the batch script via a double click to wake up the computer.

Catchwords: wake-on-lan; WAKE-ON-LAN; wake.WAKE; wol; WOL; wakeup; WAKEUP
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