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LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server: Disable regular SSH login attempts to a LANCOM ePaper access point


The LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server version 1.73 or later features a discovery function that is enabled by default.

Every 2 minutes this function tries to localize new LANCOM ePaper access points (with factory settings) on the local network, it attempts to login to the access point with the factory access credentials (username “root” and no password) and to read out the device system information, including ePaper-specific settings on the device, e.g. which ePaper transmission channel is set.

A configured LANCOM access point with non-factory access credentials rejects these login attempts, since the factory access credentials are invalid. The rejected login attempts can be displayed on the command line of the LANCOM access point with the command “ls /Status/Last-Admin-Logins/” (see figure).

This document describes how to deactivate the SSH login attempts to the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server version 1.73.

This Discovery feature will be disabled by default as of version 1.91 of the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server.

  • LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server version 1.73
  • Installed cURL


1) Open the command line on your operating system and enter the following command:

curl -X PUT http://<server-ip>:8001/service/configuration/lancomDiscoveryEnabled?value=false

2) Then enter the following command to verify that the feature was successfully disabled:

curl -X GET http://<server-ip>:8001/service/configuration/lancomDiscoveryEnabled

If deactivation was successful, the following is returned: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="yes"?><Configuration key="lancomDiscoveryEnabled" type="BOOLEAN" defaultValue="true" value="false"/>.

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