LANCOM Support Knowledgebase Document No. 1910.2114.1005.RHOO - V1.30

Setting up a VPN connection with the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client


This document describes how to set up a VPN connection between a LANCOM router and the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client.



1) Start the Setup Wizard on the LANCOM router in LANconfig and select the option Provide remote access (RAS, VPN).

2) Select the option VPN connection over the Internet.

3) In the following dialog, select the client LANCOM Advanced VPN Client. A simplified setup procedure is available with the option 1-Click-VPN.

In the case of 1-Click-VPN, all required keys (e.g. the preshared key) are automatically created by random number generator. The wizard also will deduce most of the settings required for the VPN connection from the settings in the LANCOM router.

4) Enter a name for the VPN client connection. You must also set the the address of this router to its public IP address or a DynDNS address of the LANCOM router.

5) If you require the NetBIOS functionality, enable the NetBIOS module.

6) In the next dialog window, click on the Browse... button to set a location to save the profile file.

7) The Finish button exits the configuration wizard. The configuration is uploaded to the LANCOM router and the profile file is saved to your PC.

Import the VPN Client profile into the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client:

1) Start the LANCOM Advanced VPN Client and open the menu Configuration-> Profiles.

2) Click the button Add/Import.

3) Select the option Profile import.

4) Enter the path to the import file (*.ini).

5) In the next dialog window, click on Next.

6) A message is displayed after a successful profile import. Click on Finish to complete the import.

7) Click on the OK button to save your settings.

8) The VPN Client connection can now be established with a click on the Connection switch.

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