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Document No: 1505.2711.5251.RHOO

Installing the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server under Linux

This document describes how to install the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server on a Linux operating system.

  • LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server as of version 1.40 (download)
  • Intel dual core processor or equivalent
  • ARM architecture as of ARMv7 (e.g. Raspberry Pi 2 Model B)
  • 2 GB RAM (512 MB for the server)
  • 100 MB hard disk space for the server installation
  • Linux operating system
  • Java Runtime Environment version 7 or later


The Wireless ePaper Server is installed on a central computer on the network with constant access to
the Wireless ePaper Displays.
    • Only one Wireless ePaper Server should be installed on a network, otherwise conflicts could arise.
    • In the interests of system latency, the Wireless ePaper Server and the E-series access points have to be connected over the same local network.

1) Download the installation package from the LANCOM website and unpack it to a directory of your choice on your Linux operating system. Use the following command to extract the package:
    sudo unzip -d /opt

    After executing this command, the folder opt contains the folder LANCOM-Wireless-ePaper-Server-1.73.0001.

2) The next step is to set up the daemon (service) that starts the Wireless ePaper Server:
    2.1) First install the init script for the service. To do this, enter following command:

    sudo cp /opt/LANCOM-Wireless-ePaper-Server-1.73.0001/LANCOM-Wireless-ePaper-Server /etc/init.d

    This allows you to control the LANCOM Wireless ePaper Server (e.g. manual start/stop) by means of the init.d.

    sudo /etc/init.d/LANCOM-Wireless-ePaper-Server [start|stop|restart|status]

    2.2) This command enables you to set up an automatic start of the the Wireless ePaper Server.

    sudo update-rc.d LANCOM-Wireless-ePaper-Server defaults

    This command causes the server service to start automatically after a system boot.

You continue with the setup and management of the Wireless ePaper Server by using LANconfig on a Windows client on the network.