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Document No: 1809.0316.5953.RHOO

Hire a chargeable repair of a LANCOM device from aixtema GmbH

If a defect occurs on a LANCOM device that is outside the warranty period, you can have it repaired by the LANCOM service partner aixtema GmbH, if required, at your own cost.

To do this, you must do the following:

1. In the outlet store of our service partner, you must first acquire a review fee:
    • LANCOM 16xx
    • LANCOM 17xx
    • LANCOM 18xx
    • LANCOM 19xx
    • LANCOM L-3xx
    • LANCOM L-4xx
    • LANCOM L-8xx
    • LANCOM IAP-3xx
    • LANCOM IAP-8xx
    • LANCOM LN-17xx
    • LANCOM LN-630acn
    • LANCOM LN-830E
    • LANCOM LN-86x
    • LANCOM GS-1108/P
    • LANCOM OAP-3xx
    • LANCOM OAP-8xx
    • LANCOM 7100+ VPN / 7100 VPN / 7011 VPN
    • LANCOM 9100+ VPN
    • LANCOM WLC-4100
    • LANCOM WLC-4025+
    • LANCOM ES-1108P
    • LANCOM ES-2126/P/P+
    • LANCOM GS-12xx/P
    • LANCOM GS-1326
    • LANCOM GS-2124
    • LANCOM GS-2310/P/P+
    • LANCOM GS-2326/+/P+
    • LANCOM GS-2328/F/P
    • LANCOM GS-2352/P

2. After receiving the payment for the LANCOM review fee, you will receive an RMA document from our service partner with all the information you need to send in your LANCOM device.

Note: This service is non-refundable!

If you have any questions, please contact the aixtema GmbH directly:

aixtema GmbH
Philipsstr. 8
52068 Aachen

Tel.: +49 241 70515-0