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LANCOM vRouter: Questions and answers to vRouter licences (FAQ)

This document describes the most frequent questions and answers to vRouter licensing.

FAQ to vRouter licences:

1. What happens when a vRouter licence expires?

After a vRouter licence expires the full functionality is still available.

It is merely not possible to make configuration changes or upload another firmware.

2. Are vRouter licences cumulative?

vRouter licences are not cumulative. Therefore it is not possible to purchase the vRouter 50 twice, so that 20 access points can be managed.

3. How can a vRouter licence be extended?

When activating the same licence (e.g. existing vRouter 50 and vRouter 50 is activated) the license terms are added.

When activating a divergent licence (e.g. existing vRouter 50 and vRouter 250 is activated) the smaller licence expires. The licence term then matches the term of the bigger licence.

The licence extension can be initiated at any time.

4. How can the WLAN Controller be used when the used vRouter licence doesn't support this feature?

Please contact LANCOM support via We will exchange your vRouter licence to another one with the same licence attributes which supports the WLAN Controller functionality.
    If the WLAN Controller functionality isn't available please connect via CLI to the vRouter and enter the command ls Setup/WLAN-Management/.
    If License-count displays the value 0 your vRouter licence doesn't support the WLAN Controller functionality.

    > ls Setup/WLAN-Management/

    AP-Configuration MENU:
    Central-Firmware-Management MENU:
    Client-Steering MENU:
    Notification MENU:
    WLC-Cluster MENU:
    Access-Rules TABLE: 8+ x [..]
    RADIUS-Server-Profiles TABLE: 1024 x [Name,Access-IP,..]
    Allow-WAN-connections VALUE: Vpn
    Autoaccept-AP VALUE: No
    CAPWAP-Operating VALUE: No
    CAPWAP-Port VALUE: 1027
    Interval-for-status-table-cleanup VALUE: 1440
    License-count INFO: 0
    License-limit INFO: 1000
    Preference VALUE: 0
    Provide-default-configuration VALUE: No
    Sync-WTP-Password VALUE: Yes
    Accept-AP ACTION:
    Disconnect-AP ACTION:
    Start-automatic-radio-field-optimization ACTION:
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