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Setting up a VRRP group

This document describes how to set up a VRRP scenario (Virtual Router Redundancy Protocol) with two LANCOM routers.
VRRP ensures that important gateways are available on a reliable basis. The protocol provides a type of backup/redundancy function.


Two devices that support the VRRP protocol. This includes all LANCOM routers with LCOS version 5.2 or later.

The latest firmware for your device is available in the Downloads area


This scenario foresees the formation of a VRRP group with two LANCOM routers with the latest LCOS version. The routers are a LANCOM 1711+ and a LANCOM 1811n.

Both devices are configured with a functioning Internet connection.


The two devices must belong to the same IP network.

The IP address of the LANCOM 1711+ is, and the LANCOM 1811n is

LANCOM 1711+:

LANCOM 1811n:

We now activate VRRP in both devices. Do this under Configuration: IP router -> VRRP -> VRRP activate

It is now important to configure the VRRP list on both routers, and in particular the router ID, the router IP, and the priority.

Router ID:
The devices for collection into a VRRP group must have the same router ID.
Values may be entered between 1 and 255.

Router IP:
This IP address is the virtual router IP which the network clients are to use as their gateway address.
This IP address must be available in the address pools of both devices.

In a VRRP group, the device with the higher priority is the master, i.e. it handles all of the router tasks exclusively. If the master router or its Internet connection should fail, then the device with the next lower priority takes over the routing tasks.
Values may be entered between 0 and 255. Please note that the values 0 and 255 are of special significance.
The value 0 disables VRRP completely. The value 255 is only used when the address of the virtual router (router IP) is the same as the "real" IP address of the device.

Now open the VRRP lists on the two devices and add a new entry:

LANCOM 1711+:

LANCOM 1811n:

Save the configuration to the two devices. LANmonitor now has a new item "VRRP". Here you can check the settings and how they are functioning.

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