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please use this form to activate your LANCOM dynamic VPN feature only if you use it with IP address transmission over ISDN. This happens when you configure a VPN tunnel with dynamic IP addresses on both sides without dynamic DNS services. When you send the registration, you will receive the activation code for the device whose serial number you have submitted for registration.

The 16 digits long charge number or 12 digits long serial number (depends on your device) can be found underneath your device. Please enter the appropriate number into the field router serial or charge number (12 or 16 digits). The 12 digits long serial number is also displayed in the status line of LANconfig, if the device is selected.

Please take care to fill in the serial or charge number without any mistake. Your information will of course be treated as confidential. In case your registration was not successful or you have other problems during the registration you can trustfully turn to our product support via email to for advice.

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